Derry Fleadh 2016 Report

The 2016 Derry fleadh was held in The Loup/Ballyronan from 7th-10th April. Congratulations to our many prizewinners at Saturday’s competitions (full list below) and well done to everyone else from Newbridge CCE who participated and helped out with the large programme of events throughout the weekend including competitions, sessions, ceili and Irish night. Hopefully our younger musicians enjoyed the experience and they’ll be inspired to develop their skills when our classes resume in Anahorish PS this Saturday, 16th April. Some pictures from the fleadh have been posted in the Gallery.

We were delighted to be able to donate a new cup in memory of our former chairman, Kevin Walls, to the winner of the 15-18 button accordion competition. The first winner was Brigeen Mitchell from Loup CCE. She’s pictured here receiving the cup from adjudicator Anne Marie McCloskey. Also pictured are Kevin’s son, Damian, and our chairperson, Mary Cassidy.


Thanks and well done to everyone at the Loup branch of Comhaltas for organising another successful county fleadh and good luck to everyone who qualified to represent Derry at the Ulster fleadh in Bangor in July.

Newbridge CCE Prizewinners

U-9 Tin Whistle – Jemma Shivers 3rd
12-15 Fiddle – Caoimhe O’Kane 2nd
U-12 Flute – Roise McCloy 1st
U-12 Tin Whistle – Roise McCloy 1st, Ellie Conway 2nd
12-15 Tin Whistle – Caoimhe O’Kane 1st
U-12 Banjo – Caitriona Lagan 1st
O-18 Banjo – Hugh Mulholland 2nd
U-12 Mandolin – Caitriona Lagan 2nd
O-18 Mandolin – Hugh Mulholland 1st
U-12 Piano – Roise McCloy 1st
12-15 Bodhran – James McCloy 2nd
U-12 Ceili Band Drums – Tony Diamond 1st
U-12 Flute Slow Airs – Roise McCloy 1st
U-12 Tin Whistle Slow Airs – Roise McCloy 2nd, Ellie Conway 3rd
12-15 Tin Whistle Slow Airs – Caoimhe O’Kane 3rd (recommended to play at Ulster Fleadh)
U-12 Duets – Caitriona Lagan and Ellie Conway 1st, Roise McCloy and Hannah Lee (Loup CCE) 2nd
12-15 Duets – Padraig Mullan and Caoimhe O’Kane 2nd
U-12 Trios – Caitriona Lagan, Ellie Conway and Aoife McOscar 1st
U-12 Ceili Band – Loup CCE 1st (Ellie Conway)
12-15 Grupai Ceoil – Loup CCE 1st (Ellie Conway)
12-15 Singing in English (Ladies) – Caoimhe O’Kane 2nd
Any Age Newly Composed Tune – Hugh Mulholland 1st