May 2020 Virtual Session

Our final sessions of the season would have been held in The Elk on Thursday, 7th May. They won’t, obviously, be going ahead now due to the restrictions in place, but we were hoping to post a set of tunes from each of our sessions on the night by asking everyone who might have been attending to record a video of themselves, submit it to us and we’ll try to piece everybody together and synchronise the audio.

Sheet music and an audio backing track to play along with can be downloaded from our Downloads page where you’ll also find a link for uploading your video. Each of the audio files has a short introduction to set the tempo and give you an idea when to start playing. Simply listen to the audio on one device using earphones and play along while recording on a second device. It might take a bit of practice to get used to but should be fun. Feel free to play at all three sessions and, if you’re a multi-instrumentalist, record as many videos as you wish!