Derry Fleadh Report 2018

Congratulations to all our competitors at Fleadh Cheoil Dhoire Léim an Mhadaidh 2018! As well as county champions in Caitriona Lagan, Darcie Conway, Tony Diamond, Annie Diamond, Ellie Conway, Roise McCloy, Caoimhe O’Kane and Hugh Mulholland, we had members in winning Grupai Cheoil and Ceili Bands representing Loup CCÉ as well as several other prizewinners and qualifiers for Ulster Fleadh 2018 – Castlewellan Co. Down in July. A full list of our prizewinners is given below and additional pictures are available in our Gallery.

Thanks and congratulations, also, to the Jimmy O’Hara Comhaltas Ceoltóirí Éireann, Roe Valley branch for hosting and organising an incredibly successful and enjoyable weekend.

Best of luck to all the qualifiers from our county at the Ulster Fleadh.


15-18 Fiddle – Caoimhe O’Kane 1st
U-12 Button Accordion – Peadar O’Neill 3rd
12-15 Flute – Roise McCloy 1st
U-9 Whistle – Aoibhinn McPeake 2nd
U-12 Whistle – Valentino Lupari 3rd (Peadar O’Neill also made the top 6 in this highly competitive section)
12-15 Whistle – Roise McCloy 1st, Ellie Conway 2nd
15-18 Whistle – Caoimhe O’Kane 1st
U-12 Harp – Annie Diamond 2nd
U-12 Banjo – Caitriona Lagan 1st, Darcie Conway 2nd
O-18 Banjo – Hugh Mulholland 1st
U-12 Mandolin – Caitriona Lagan 1st, Cliodhna McPeake 3rd
O-18 Mandolin – Hugh Mulholland 1st
U-12 Piano – Annie Diamond 2nd
12-15 Piano – Roise McCloy 1st
U-12 Miscellaneous – Caitriona Lagan (Banjo Mandolin) 1st
U-12 Accompaniment – Caitriona Lagan 1st, Valentino Lupari 2nd
U-12 Bodhran – Darcie Conway 1st
U-12 Ceili Drums – Tony Diamond 1st
12-15 Flute Slow Airs – Roise McCloy 1st
U-12 Whistle Slow Airs – Valentino Lupari 2nd, Peadar O’Neill 3rd
12-15 Whistle Slow Airs – Ellie Conway 1st, Roise McCloy 2nd
15-18 Whistle Slow Airs – Caoimhe O’Kane 1st
U-12 Duets – Caitriona Lagan and Grace-Anne Kelly (Loup CCE) 2nd
12-15 Duets – Ellie and Darcie Conway – 2nd
U-12 Ceili Band – Loup CCE 1st (including Tony and Annie Diamond)
15-18 Ceili Band – Loup CCE 1st (including Ellie Conway)
U-12 Grupai Ceoil – Loup CCE 1st (including Ava McPeake and Darcie Conway)
U-12 Whistling – Annie Diamond 1st
Newly Composed Tunes (any age) – Hugh Mulholland 1st, Roise McCloy 2nd