March 2018 Update

Our next monthly session will be held in The Elk on Thursday, 5th April. For the slow session for adults, we’ve added a couple of polkas to the set list – Britches Full of Stitches (in A) and Ballydesmond No.3. To assist learning/practicing, audio and sheet music for these and all the tunes played at the session can be downloaded from here.

Our classes are taking a break for a couple of weeks for Easter and will resume on Saturday, 14th April.

We had a hugely successful Big Trad Breakfast in The Elk on Saturday, 17th March, with almost 400 people attending throughout the morning to enjoy the food, music and craic. Thanks to everyone who supported the event and who donated so generously. We’re grateful, also, to all the musicians, pupils, parents, branch members and the staff at The Elk for their assistance during the morning.