End of Term 2017

Classes finished last Saturday, 8th April, with a concert and will resume in September (provisional date for registration is 9th Sept). Thanks to all the pupils and their parents for supporting our activities this year – classes, sessions, fundraisers, Ballymena Festival, etc. We’re also grateful to our tutors and to the management and staff of both Anahorish Primary School and The Elk for facilitating our classes and all the other events we’ve organised.

Before the summer break, there will be one more session on Thursday, 4th May, in The Elk for both juniors and seniors. We’ll also be having a group class after Easter for a few weeks to prepare for a couple of functions coming up in the autumn. Starting on Saturday, 22nd April, it’s not suitable for beginners, but anyone from any of our intermediate classes is welcome to attend from 10:30am for about an hour.

Here’s a short clip of the performances from the class concert – I’m afraid we didn’t get any of the whistle classes or beginner fiddle class.