March 2015 News

Our classes finish on Saturday, 28th March, and will resume when the autumn term starts in September. Thanks to all the pupils and their parents for supporting our activities this year – classes, sessions, fundraisers, Ballymena Festival, etc. It’s been a very busy and successful year on all fronts, with the children all making good progress. We’re also grateful to our tutors and to both Anahorish Primary School and The Elk for facilitating our classes and all the other events we’ve organised.

Our regular monthly session for April has been cancelled as it falls on Holy Thursday, so our next one (and final one until the autumn) will be on Thursday, 7th May.

Before that, this year’s Derry Fleadh will be held in The Loup/Ballyronan the week after Easter. Competitions take place in The Loup Primary School on Saturday, 11th April. On Sunday, 12th April, there will be a family fun day in Ballyronan – see for details of all the events associated with the fleadh.