April 2014 Events

Our monthly session for April will be held in The Elk tomorrow evening at the usual times of 7:30pm (junior) and 9:00pm (senior). We also now intend to have a session next month as well, on Thursday, 1st May.

The last day of classes before the long summer break will be Saturday, 12th April. Thanks to everybody who attended this year and to those who helped out with the smooth running of the classes. Thanks also to Danny Quinn and everyone at Anahorish Primary School for their ongoing support in facilitating our classes.

The Derry Fleadh will be held in The Loup/Ballyronan from 23rd-27th April, with the competitions taking place in The Loup Primary School on Saturday, 26th April. There will be a concert on Thursday, 24th April, in Ballyronan which we’ve been invited to play at. Practices are at 10:00am on Saturday mornings (before the classes) in Anahorish for anyone who wants to take part.